Website Launch!

The weekend is over and it is Monday morning again! Yippee yeay… be honest, I do not want to sound weird, but since I started this journey, I began to look forward to Monday morning.

Every week has become a new challenge for me, which gets me nearer to my final goal, and Monday morning, is when I sit down and plan my goals for the week. So, this week everyone…… is my website launch!

I am so excited about this, I have worked very hard on it for the past weeks. This was the hardest task yet so far, and I know that there is still a long way to go, however, I now feel more convinced that I want to get there.

So, please everyone, do click on the site and make sure to like and share, and most important of all, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great week all!




What Services will I Offer?


So, finally here I am, in my favourite coffee place, focused and ready to continue sharing my journey with all of you readers!

Well, as previously explained there are a number of services which a virtual assistant can offer, and one might choose to either specialize in one area such as social media, or web design, or else be a General Assistant who would do daily administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, in box management and other administrative tasks. This usually depends on what experience one has or what he or she is interested in.

In my case, deciding on this took a fair bit of thinking an time. Reason being is that at this point in my life, I don’t want to do something just for the sake of it, I don’t want just another job, I want to totally love and enjoy what I am doing! So whilst I will be offering some services which help in the organization of a business such as event management, helping out in organising webinars, doing research, my main focus is going to be writing.

What type of writing?

  • creative writing
  • blog post writing
  • website content writing
  • email template writing
  • social media posts

Anything which involves writing mainly. It is something which I have really found a passion for, I love it! Maybe because I am a talkative person, I don’t know, however I just love putting my thoughts down for others to read.

So for any of you guys who read my posts and need any help with the above, or have any friends who do so, do direct them to me. My website will hopefully be up and running very soon (that is the other thing I have been working on all last week)!

Once again, thank you for taking your time to read my post, please like, share and follow.



Spring Break!

So I have been AWOL for a while, but guess what???? My kids were on spring break (still have a few days left), and I did not even have a moment for myself to think…..let alone attempt to do any work 😦😦😦😦 However, what I really missed these past few days was writing on this blog, so whilst having a bit of quiet time (after playing Jenga for the past hour or so), I decided to at least just log in and say hi!

As with my Virtual Assistant business, will be back next week with lots of energy and more things figured out. I will be ready to explain exactly what services I am going to offer, and hopefully start working on my website!

Thanks for taking the time and joining me on my journey!



What does a Virtual Assistant Do?


So, 2 days ago I did my first post and thanks to all who viewed my blog I was overwhelmed with all the feedback I got, and that a lot of people actually took their time to read what I wrote!

The first thing which I would like to address is that a lot of friends and family asked me – What is a Virtual Assistant? This made me realize that yes, I have to explain myself better, people do not automatically know what a VA is.

A Virtual Assistant is someone who is capable of taking away the stress from your business. They help you with your workflow, they help you in setting up your business, they basically remove your headaches!

  • How do we do this? Well we do this by completing tasks which maybe you would find difficult or even annoying to accomplish.
  • What kind of tasks can these be? These can be anything from mailbox management, data entry, web research, client calls, billing to web design, copywriting and much more.
  • What are the benefits of a Virtual Assistant? Well the benefits are a lot, however the main thing is that by hiring a Virtual Assistant, you will have the freedom to direct your energy on what matters most in your business, which is working on improving your product and having more time to pitch to clients, in order to make your business grow!

Well, as you can all see, the fog in my brain seems to be clearing a little bit more, and that is mainly thanks to my coach Maria Carras @ Maria Carras Creative and Hilary Hartling who is an amazing Branding coach who gave us a really good insight on branding during yesterday’s class.

My VA journey begins!

So here I am, this is it – I am working on setting up my Virtual Assistant business! I have been working on this for the last couple of weeks, read a huge amount of advise, joined numerous groups on social media, and also enlisted in some online courses, however the truth is, my brain is more baffled than it was before I started. I have also downloaded numerous applications which as I am planning on a learn as you go process. I want to absorb as much as I can – and that is the great thing about this all! Although my brain is in a jumble, and I feel further away from the start than I did 2 weeks ago, I want to persist, as the more I learn about this business world, the more I am intrigued and the more I want to become part of it!

Have a good day everyone, and thanks for being part of my journey by taking the time to read this.